Safety is Our Mission:

Brennstuhl Ready Mix is committed to the training, implementation and improvement of safety in the work place.  We constantly monitor our methods to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, the public, and our customers.  Through continuous education, we have taken a hands-on approach toward safer workplace practices, which has fundamentally improved upon the service that we deliver.


To provide a thorough understanding of our commitment to safe work practices, a sample of the training we provide is listed below.  It is our mission to provide our customers with a service that is performed by properly trained personnel.  To do so, we combine these courses with field instruction and continuing education, to keep our employees up-to-date on our ever-changing industrial safety standards.


                                                        Safety Course Programs:

·         General Safe Work Practices                                      

·         Call Before You Dig

·         Housekeeping on the Job Site

·         PPE

·         Respiratory Protection & Safety

·         Hearing Conservation Training

·         Eye Protection

·         Handling Flammable Liquids

·         Emergency First Aid

·         Preventing Injuries

·         Bloodborne Pathogens

·         Electrical Safety

·         Front End Loader Safety

·         Dump Truck Safety

·         Skid Steer Safety

·         Backhoe Operations

·         Forklift Operator Safety

·         Ladder Safety

·         Aerial Lift Safety

·         Driver Safety

·         Flagger Safety

·         Lockout/Tagout